Retreat in Nature

Sonora Carribean Jungle Retreat

Puerto Viejo | Carribean Sea | Costa Rica | Central America

The Healing Force of Nature

Best Place for Your Spiritual Awakening

YogAyahuasca selected Sonora Carribean Jungle Retreat to offer a complete experience of a retreat in nature.

All facilities sit in a preserved rainforestallowing our guests to benefit from the healing power of nature. The yoga studio and ceremony space is surrounded by plants, wild life and jungle trees.

During your practice, the healing energy of nature deeply relaxes the body, rejuvenates the aura, and supports the flow of life energy.

From the property, a 15 minutes walk leads you to a pristine beach 10 miles long.

– Sylvie, Christian

Surrounded by the Sea and the Jungle

“The modern architecture of Sonora, created by Italian designers, elegant interior decorations, the use of fine linen and cotton fabrics in soft colours and warm touches of Caribbean wood, the precision of each object we have chosen for our guests, combined with Foods where we select organic raw materials from the area that work with local eco-sustainable companies and the search for tasty and healthy dishes are ingredients that surround our idea of hospitality.”

Ayurvedic Treatments


$ 75 60 Minutes
  • Full body oil massage
  • Relaxing and balancing


$ 110 90 Minutes
  • Stronger and longer full body oil massage
  • Stimulates marma points


$ 60 45 Minutes
  • Back and neck massage
  • Helps the healing of backaches and releases tension


$ 45 30 Minutes
  • Stomach massage
  • Improves digestion and creates harmony of inner organs


$ 60 50 Minutes
  • Indian foot reflexology
  • Gives peace of mind

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