Ayahuasca Retreat in Costa Rica

Ayahuasca Retreat in Costa Rica: Why It Is Maybe The Best Place

Many people travel to Costa Rica to attend ayahuasca retreats. There are plenty of centres which offer plant medicine retreats during the whole year. How and why ayahuasca retreat in Costa Rica became such a big trend?

Ayahuasca is legal in Costa Rica

Ayahuasca retreats in Costa Rica are legal. Ayahuasca centres are running openly, there is no need to hide or to keep it secret. You can benefit from plant medicine ceremonies with peace of mind. You would not do anything against the law or put yourself in a complicated situation.

Ayahuasca is legal in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is safe

Costa Rica is a very safe country. There is a long tradition of peace and kindness. The country does not have any army. Instead the government invests in education and health care.

Costa Rica is a very touristic country. It is safe and very easy to travel there. You can pay in US Dollars and speak english. The touristic infrastructure is fantastic. There are many great hotels and restaurants. The transportation are comfortable, safe and effective.

It is close

Direct flights from big cities in USA or Canada

Costa Rica is close to USA and Canada. You find plenty of quick and cheap flights from many cities in North America. You don’t need to spend a fortune and 15 hours one way to fly to South America.

Cultural proximity

Many people speak english in Costa Rica. And many people working in the ayahuasca centers are natives from USA, Canada or Europe. You don’t need to feel lost in another world to drink ayahuasca. You can do it with people from the same culture who are able to understand your personal situation, your situation in life and what you are looking for.

It is comfortable

Costa Rica has a long experience with tourists from USA, Canada and Europe. The infrastructure has been built to meet the requirements of such travellers. You can expect nice, comfortable and clean rooms, delicious food and comfortable transportation.

The tremendous healing power of nature

Costa Rica is a nature paradise. Most of the country is still full of natural wild life. There are thousands of acres of national parks. Some vulcanos are still active. The country is surrounded on one side by the Pacific sea and on the other side by the Carribean sea. All of that is providing a tremendous healing power from the nature.

Best Ayahuasca in Costa Rica surrounded by nature

If you wish to experience ayahuasca the “jungle style”, in Costa Rica you can find ayahuasca retreat centers in the middle of nature. They provide all the safety and comfort that a westerner requires.

Ayahuasca retreat in costa rica

Depending on your quest and your budget, you can choose from a variety of centers in Costa Rica. From cheap and easy going to luxurious places. With native South American leading the ceremonies or westerners who learnt how to work with plant medicine.

Spiritual development

YogAyahuasca ->>> take your spiritual practice to the next level

The one week YogAyahuasca retreat is an experiential journey into Source. It is designed to give you the experience and the tools to take your yoga, meditation and spiritual practice to a deeper and higher level.

During the immersion you will practice the deep teachings of yoga and ayahuasca plant ceremonies. You will be safely, lovingly and respectfully guided by healers, teachers, and authentic shamans as you journey into deeper connection with yourself, with the Divine Source within you – the source of healing, insight and transformation.

The yoga and breathing sessions are designed to help you, in a very real and concrete way, to navigate and integrate your inward journey before, during and after ayahuasca.

Best ayahuasca retreat in Costa Rica
One week yoga, breathwork, mantras and ayahuasca in the luscious nature of Costa Rica

High budget medical centers

Rhytmia: luxurious & medical licensed

Rhytmia is probaly the most famous ayahuasca center in Costa Rica. They provide ayahuasca ceremonies as well as different spiritual and life coaching activities in their luxurious and medical licensed center.

Soltara: Shipibo shamans from Peru & western psychologists

Soltara offers the possibility to work with authentic Shipibo shamans from Peru. They also provide professional medical staff to support and help people during their retreats.

Small healing centers

New Life Ayahuasca: intimate experience

New Life Ayahuasca is offering retreats for small groups in their center. The ayahasquero is an american guy who studied plant medicine in Peru. They offer personal attention and an intimate setting.

Nada Brahma Healing Center: a variety of healing modalities

Nada Brahma Healing Center offers retreats with ayahuasca ceremonies, Kambo ceremonies, Temazcal (sweat lodge), assistance in cancer healing, detox, cleansing, meditation, yoga, and many more healing modalities and therapies.

New age communities

Sol Circle: sit in the circle and sing

Sol Circle is a new age community which offers ayahuasca retreats in the forest. It is a budget option which offers basic accommodation with a very open and friendly atmosphere. They cook their own ayahuasca and their ceremony ritual is inspired by the Santo Daime tradition from Brazil.


An ayahuasca ceremony might be the most disruptive and challenging experience in your life. It is wise to do it in a safe, comfortable place where professionals speak your language in order to properly provide the required guidance and support.

If you are looking for a great place to attend an ayahuasca retreat, Costa Rica is maybe your best option.

=>>> Take your spiritual practice to the next level

Join us for the next YogAyahuasca Spiritual Awakening Retreat at the Caribbean sea in Costa Rica! You will get the opportunity to experience all the benefits of ayahuasca ceremonies and learn how to reproduce higher states of consciousness by your own.

Best ayahuasca Costa Rica

Our yoga program has been uniquely designed for you to get the most from your ayahuasca experience and to integrate it into your daily life and own spiritual path.

The practice will include hatha and kundalini yoga, transformational and joy breathwork, nature and charkra oriented meditations.

It is designed to be accessible to all levels of practitioners who want to experience the deep teachings of yoga as a system of spiritual awakening.

Best ayahuasca Costa Rica
Best ayahuasca Costa Rica

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