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6 Ways Ayahuasca Improves Your Yoga And Meditation Practice

If you are interested in developing your awareness of energy, evolving your consciousness and taking your life AND your spiritual practice to the next level, read on…

1) Ayahuasca wakes up your pineal gland

One direct effect of ayahuasca is to decalcify and wake up the pineal gland. Nowadays, and in many occidental countries, the pineal gland becomes calcified due to excessive intake of fluoride, refined and over processed foods and a stress inducing lifestyle.

Since the pineal gland is linked to the third eye chakra, many natural abilities that could be categorised as intuitive or psychic are diminished. When you drink ayahuasca your pineal gland is activated and wakes up the third eye chakra, allowing you to access higher intuitive consciousness.

This is greatly improving your meditation and yoga practice as you become more aware of yourself being a spiritual being experiencing a human body. You can start feeling your energy and your chakras. You deeply reconnect to your inner self and increase your awareness of your feelings and emotions.

Ayahuasca wakes up your pineal gland

2) Ayahuasca allows you to access higher states of consciousness

Ayahuasca plant medicine heals us from the level of consciousness by allowing us to access inner wisdom and higher states of consciousness. You might wonder how it feels, what is so special about it, and many other questions. The truth is no explanation can give you the experience. It can only serve to prepare you for the voyage.

In short, you need to personally experience the plant medicine in order to understand it. Even then you may not understand it fully, because it is a process of awakening and healing deeper levels and dimensions of consciousness within you.

You probably have read different things about higher meditative states like samadhi and enlightenment. You might even imagine what it would be like to have such an experience. Ayahuasca will help raise your consciousness toward the higher frequencies of love, light and truth where you can begin to access higher awakened states of consciousness and deeply feel it and live it.

3) It dissolves energy blocks

During a plant medicine ceremony, the plant reveals layers of your programmed sub-conscious defence system and, in many cases, will help to quickly or gradually resolve and dissolve the associated energy blocks. As a consequence, your energy starts to flow more naturally and without any effort.

Your mind becomes more still and present. Your body can release deep seated physical, emotional and psychological tensions. As you feel more present and fluid in your body and feelings, the body will also experience deeper levels of relaxation and even flexibility.

With a proper integration of such an experience, you can learn how to reproduce it with your yoga and meditation practice without the use of any plant medicine.

Dissolve energy blocks with ayahuasca and improve your yoga and meditation practice

4) Ayahuasca sharpens your senses

Have you ever wondered if there is a way to sharpen your senses? Ayahuasca helps you to achieve that. How you perceive and process information through your senses will be improve and have a multidimensional aspect to them. You will smell, hear, taste and feel with a heightened, multifaceted perception.

And of course, the way you feel and relate to your body will also be enhanced. You will probably start to notice sensations in your organs, muscles and joints that you were not aware of before. helping you to reach a higher level of self-awareness.

Integrating such improved perception in your yoga practice acts as a facilitator to explore awareness of your body, emotions and mental state.

5) Plant medicine expands your consciousness

During an ayahuasca journey, you will access your capacity to experience your multi-dimensional awareness and may even experience places or dimensions that you have not been conscious of visiting before. I do believe that you probably go there during your dreams, but most of the time you don’t remember it.

Have you ever wondered what it is like to visit the astral or the celestial dimensions? With the appropriate guidance, a plant medicine ceremony can lead you there. By doing transformational breathwork during days after a sacred plant ceremony, you can learn how to reach such dimensions by yourself.

6) Ayahuasca helps you experience what the dedicated yogi need decades to reach

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to be in samadhi? What it feels like to be in an enlightened state? Or what its like to feel ONE with all your sisters and brothers, with mother Earth and the Universe/God?

Ayahuasca, called the vine of the soul, helps us to access these enlightening deep soul heart experiences, even if just for a moment. You can then fully understand what it means to experience it in your body and your soul.

The question for you is: are you really willing to go on with your yoga and meditation without reaching those dimensions?

Experienced yogi consciousness, samadhi and enlightenment with ayahuasca ceremony


After reading this article, it might sound very appealing to try ayahuasca in order to take your spiritual practice AND your life to a higher level. Wanna seize the opportunity?

=>>> Take your spiritual practice to the next level

Join us for the next YogAyahuasca Spiritual Awakening Retreat at the Caribbean sea in Costa Rica! You will get the opportunity to experience all the benefits of ayahuasca ceremonies and learn how to reproduce higher states of consciousness by your own.

Our yoga program has been uniquely designed for you to get the most from your ayahuasca experience and to integrate it into your daily life and own spiritual path.

The practice will include hatha and kundalini yoga, transformational and joy breathwork, nature and charkra oriented meditations.

It is designed to be accessible to all levels of practitioners who want to experience the deep teachings of yoga as a system of spiritual awakening.

Improve your yoga and meditation practice with ayahuasca
One week yoga, breathwork, mantras and ayahuasca in the luscious nature of Costa Rica

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