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Take your spiritual practice to the next level

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The Yoga of Ayahuasca

A method of spiritual awakening to one’s Divine Source through the practices of authentic yoga and ayahuasca plant medicine ceremonies.

Awakening Retreats

Costa Rica, Central America

Awaken to your inner Source.
Raise your vibration
Release karmic patterns and let Divine light shine through.
Elevate your consciousness
Experience higher state of consciousness.
Take your spiritual practice to the next level
YogaYahuasca retreats

Our one-week program includes

Yoga Retreat Costa Rica


Our yoga program has been uniquely designed for you to get the most from your ayahuasca experience and to integrate it into your daily life and own spiritual path. The practice will include hatha and kundalini yoga, transformational and joy breathwork, nature and charkra oriented meditations. It is designed to be accessible to all levels of practitioners who want to experience the deep teachings of yoga as a system of spiritual awakening.

Ayahuasca Retreat Costa Rica

Ayahuasca Ceremonies

Ayahuasca ceremonies will take you in the astral and celestial planes, where you will experience new forms of reality. It is a profound experience which will open your eyes to a broader world.

If you have ever wondered how it could feel to be in samadhi (abiding in an elevated state of consciousness), you might get part of the answer.

Retreat in nature Costa Rica


We organise YogAyahuasca retreats in nature where you can feel powerful healing energy. During the retreat you will be invited to relax and to connect deeply with yourself and to Nature.


A YogAyahuasca retreat includes:

  • 7 nights accommodations
  • All meals included, prepared fresh daily from local sources in an ayahuasca-friendly manner
  • 2 ayahuasca ceremonies with experienced English speaking Shaman from Shuar tradition
  • Ceremony preparation: how to get the most from ayahuasca
  • Ceremony de-briefing: understand/integrate your experience and improve for the next one
  • Personal contact with shamans, healers and teachers
  • Classes on energy, chakras, self-healing, multi-dimensionality and higher consciousness
  • 6 Yoga classes
  • 5 Wim Hof and Joy of Breathing classes
  • Daily evening mantra and meditation class
  • 1 Charkra Crystal & Amethyst Biomat session
  • Nature immersion in our private forest
  • The comfort of a single, double or triple room

Not included:

  • Transportation to and from the retreat center
  • Travel insurance, visa, passport, etc...
  • Optional activities and services
  • Spa treatments

YogAyahuasca Program

Daily Yoga, Breathing and Meditation

Each day of the retreat you will be guided through a yoga practice that will incorporate fluid vinyasa posture flows, breathing (pranayama), deep relaxation and meditation. You will experience a combination of hatha, kundalini, ashtanga yoga and breathing techniques designed to take you into deeper connection with your body and with your inner Source.
During this retreat you will learn how to cultivate meditation in motion AND in stillness. Each session is designed to facilitate and integrate your ayahuasca journey and help you get the most from the experience. Whether it’s to gain clarity on your life purpose, regain your heart and sense of self, connect with your inner healer and guide, or to become enlightened, YogAyahuasca is an invitation to explore, to awaken to a higher level of consciousness, as well as to accelerate your spiritual growth.

“As you start to walk on the way, the way appears.”

– Rumi


A profound spiritual journey


The stimulation of the pineal gland triggered by the ayahuasca activates the third eye. Your senses of perception are clarified and enhanced. Your connection with nature is clear, present and vivid. Be ready to experience stronger sensations in an expanded state of self-awareness.


Reconnect with yourself. With your inner Source. With your karma, should it be from this incarnation or another. Ayahuasca dissolves the veil of illusion and allows you to see and feel the Truth.

Let it flow

Surrender to the wise and benevolent guidance of the ayahuasca. Listen to yourself. Listen to the nature. Listen to your guides. Accept. Learn. Forgive. Let go of what no longer serves your highest good.

“Life is from the inside out. When you shift on the inside, life shifts on the outside.

– Kamal Ravikant

Purpose of YogAyahuasca

What To Expect From YogAyahuasca?

Get support and guidance on your path to awakening

Awakening is not a binary state, but a gradual evolution. Should you be in the beginning of your process or already further in your path, YogAyahuasca will accelerate your journey and teach you some essential skills to enhance your spiritual practice.

Raise Your Awareness

Awareness of yourself, your body, your thoughts, your emotions, your energy, your chakras, your resistances. Awareness of what is around you, the healing power of nature and the way you relate to it with all of your senses.

Experience a higher state of consciousness

The ayahuasca ceremonies will provide you the opportunity to experience higher state of consciousness. The integration program, composed of breathwork and yoga, is specifically designed to integrate these experiences in your spiritual practices. You will learn how to access a higher state of consciousness by yourself.

Dissolve inner resistances

Inner resistances are blocking the natural flow of divine energy in your body and restraining your connection with your higher self and the divine. By dissolving resistances, you can improve the connection with your soul and with the divine

Reconnect with nature

Nature has a natural tremendous healing power. Modern life made people lose this connection and so stop benefiting from it. At The Goddess Garden Spiritual Retreat Center, you will have the opportunity to reconnect with the earth, the forest, the sea, and free animals living in their natural habitat.


For Whom Is YogAyahuasca?

YogAyahuasca has been designed...

For everyone interested in spiritual growth. You don’t need to be an advanced yogi to benefit from the teachings and the experiences. If you already have a long and sustainable spiritual practice, YogAyahuasca will help you deepen it and take it to the next level. If you don’t have experience with meditation, breathing and yoga, you will have the opportunity to discover new tools that will support your progression.

Is ayahuasca good for me?

Ayahuasca is good for everyone. If you are willing to progress as a human being and as a soul, ayahuasca can help you. The only restrictions apply to people with a medical condition. Please check contraindictaions.

What you can expect


Concretely, this retreat might help you to:


  • Connect with your inner Source
  • Connect with nature in a deeper way
  • Better understanding of energy and chakras
  • Feel more centered
  • Improve your inner flow of energy
  • Experience higher state of consciousness

With a high probability

  • Explore your resistances and dissolve some of them
  • Improve the quality of your meditation
  • Sharpen your ability to feel energy
  • Raise your energetic vibration
  • Deepen your spiritual practice

For some people

  • Prana (energy) awakening
  • Connect with higher self
  • Experience rise of the Kundalini
  • Better understand your life purpose
  • Heal trauma and release karma
  • Better feel your chakras

Upcoming Events

YogAyahuasca Awakening Retreat June 13 to 20 2020

Our retreats take place in a natural sanctuary

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